Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. What does Dyna Segmen do?

Dyna Segmen does Operations & Maintenance, mainly for the Oil & Gas Industry. To name a few under maintenance work are Mechanical (pipeline repair, blasting & painting, valve servicing, engine overhaul, etc.), Civil (water-proofing, grouting, building con-struction & maintenance, etc.), Electrical & Instrumentation (Fire Gas Systems, actuator installation, LV/HV motor, etc.). The company also procures equipment and materials for clients such as PETRONAS, SHELL, Murphy, etc.

2. How can I apply for an internship at Dyna Segmen?

You can send your CV to Download from Play Store, and do the Consurv Personality test. You will be contacted for an interview if you are shortlisted.

3. Who can apply for an internship at Dyna Segmen?

Generally, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Instrumentation engineering students are encouraged to apply.

4. What about other courses?

We accept applicants from all courses, including Petroleum & Chemical engineering, Geophysics and Geosciences. However, they may not be involved with work that is directly related to their field of study.

5. What about non-engineering/technical courses?

Yes, we have internship positions related to Business Development, Marketing, Finance, Accounts and Human Resource.

6. What is the minimum CGPA required?

A good CGPA will be advantageous, but will not be a firm requirement. We will consider an intern with a lower CGPA if he/she can show exceptional involvement in other areas and perform well during the interview.

7. What does Dyna Segmen look for in an intern?

Attitude, communication, apart from capabilities and achievements.

8. What does an intern do in Dyna Segmen?

He/she will be involved with the full cycle of a project, from tendering activities (site visit, liaising and negotiating with clients and suppliers, engineering, calculations, documentation) to job execution (logistics, site work) to completion (reports, accounts payable). This involves for both, service and supply oriented projects. OGSP and BOSIET will be provided. Further specialized training is conducted when necessary.

9. Will an intern get to do site work?

Yes, there will be several hands-on site work throughout the internship.

10. Will an intern get to go offshore? Do females get to go?

We had many interns who went offshore, including female students (subject to client’s approval). It depends on the timing of the offshore related projects.

11. Will I get to do Research & Design work?

The research will be related to the assigned projects, and will be knowledge gathering in nature. Design work will be limited if not, none at all.

12. In which department will I be in?

As an engineering intern, you will be pooled together with other engineers to carry out projects from multiple disciplines. You will be exposed to a wide range of activities and discipline, as opposed to depth (specialization) in a particular subject matter. Similarly, the same concept applies to business, HR, accounting, etc.

13. What are the benefits offered?

• Medical covers outpatient treatment.
• 1 leave day is earned for every month of work.
• Travel and expense claims (as per company policies).

14. What are the working hours?

• Company practices flexible working hours. As a guideline (8am-5pm, 9am-6pm or 10am-7pm)
• Working days are Mon-Fri.

15. My university requires me to do an Internship Project. Will Dyna Segmen support this?

We support any initiative which is beneficial to the intern and the company. However, we are not obliged to provide a project and will not allow company time and resources to be used by interns to carry-out non-company related work. An intern is free to choose any topic for their university project. A project which can help the company improve or expand its business will be a plus point.

16. How can I understand further about the work requirements and environment in Dyna Segmen?

You can visit Testimonials and read the testimonials of previous interns.